Why, hello there.

I’m sure you were expecting something... different. So what gives?

My hosting company, MediaTemple, was recently compromised and my family of sites fell victim. I will say that I still recommend them if you need hosting.

So I took down the sites since good browsers were warning people to not visit them because malware was detected.

Lately I’ve been very busy working on a variety of projects for different clients.

So that’s why you’re seeing a blank page.

A revamped site is in the works, but being honest, if you had a choice between billable work and overhead work, which would you choose?

If you’d like to get a hold of me to talk about potential projects, you can email me at jjoven at natis dot com or call me at 917.720.7234 (email usually results in a faster response).

Thank you for your time and now do something far more enjoyable like LOL Cats or have yourself a “what on earth is this crap?” moment.